Spa Sydell, with hundreds of technicians who have been trained to care for the wellbeing of their clients, is among the leaders in the field of complementary medicine. Professionals in the arts of massage therapy, reflexology and skin care have been licensed by the State of Georgia and, after being auditioned and selected carefully, are trained in the Spa Sydell methodology, which was originally documented by Sydell Harris. These techniques are taught today by our elite cadre of trainers who are well schooled in the latest advances in Wellness.

The fields of health and wellness have expanded beyond the services provided by members of the medical profession. Healthcare and wellness are no longer looked upon as just the absence of disease but also the presence of wellbeing, which must include a sense of balance in the body and mind. This calls for the inclusion of massage therapy, skin care, reflexology, nutritional advice and a regimen of proper home care with products designed and specifically recommended for you.

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