Small_stonemassageWe are delighted that you have selected to spend time at Spa Sydell today. You are our priority and we would like to do everything we can to ensure your enjoyment during your time at Spa Sydell. Please do not hesitate to speak with our staff regarding your personal needs and/or expectations. Included for your guidance are a few items to allow you to receive the most out of your experience with us.

I promise you, my staff will do everything possible to make your visit and services a memorable experience. Your technicians are licensed and trained to perform your services at a level far above the industry standards. If we do not meet or exceed your expectations please help us by calling to our attention any detail we may have missed. Enjoy! – Sydell

Some questions are asked more frequently than others and I’ll try to answer those here.

Making your appointments:
You may book your appointment through the Spa Sydell reservation center at 404-255-7727 or when checking out at the front desk after your appointment. When booking your appointment(s) you must reserve your space with a Spa Sydell Gift Certificate or a credit card. We do take walk in appointments based on availability, however, we encourage you to schedule your visit ahead of time to ensure the time and date that best fits your schedule is available. Please visit our website at for a list of services and spa locations. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 8:45 am – 9:00 pm and on Sundays from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.

How early should I arrive for my appointment?
Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your service. This will allow you to get checked-in and changed into your robe (if applicable). If you wish to indulge in a complimentary steam or shower please arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your service. We do recommend using the steam room prior to a massage (if you are having a Hot Stone Massage or Hydo-Tub Soak it is not advisable to steam). All treatments start punctually at the scheduled times.

What if I am late for my appointment?
The client following you is entitled to his or her full appointment time. Arriving late for your appointment will minimize the duration of your service. Your service will end at the scheduled appointment time to ensure that the next guest’s scheduled service will not be delayed.

Cancellations & No-Shows
Just let us know by 9:00 pm the previous day to avoid a cancellation fee of 25% on Sunday-Friday, 50% on Saturday and 100% on Holiday weekends on all reserved services. We’ll be happy to rebook your appointment based on availability. If you fail to keep your appointment without notifying us you will be charged on your credit card, series package or gift certificate. Group cancellations will be determined by the contractual agreement.

What do I wear?
Where applicable, a robe and slippers will be provided for you to wear prior to your service(s). Under the robe? It’s up to you. You may undress to your comfort level during your service. Professional draping will provide and ensure comfort and privacy. Appropriate undergarments will be available for use during body services and certain waxing services.

A foot massage is complimentary during your Sydell Facial; please remove appropriate articles of clothing.

We recommend wearing only a towel or robe while using the steam room.

Are there services that require preparation?

  • Waxing: Hair must be at least 1/8 of an inch in length to ensure proper removal of hair. This generally constitutes at least two full weeks of growth.
  • Air Brush Tanning: Skin must be exfoliated prior to your tanning session. The Dry Skin Brush treatment that we offer is the optimal dry exfoliation procedure for this purpose. If exfoliation is done prior to the arrival at the spa, do not apply lotion, deodorant, moisturizer, foundation, oil or perfume following your exfoliation procedure. Wear or bring loose fitting clothing (no silk or leather please) for use, post procedure, during the development of the tan. Disposable undergarments are provided, however you may dress to your comfort level during the service. You may wish to bring a towel to cover your car seat after leaving the spa.
  • Pedicure/Body Polish/Body Wrap: You should not shave prior to these treatments due to potential skin sensitivity.

Will there be a place to leave my jewelry and other valuables?
Lockers are available to use for your personal belongings, but we recommend that you leave your jewelry and any other valuables at home. The spa is not responsible for lost or forgotten valuables.

What do I do if I have any physical, medical or allergy concerns?
Please notify your Call Center Representative when booking your treatments, as well as your technician at the time of your service, if you have any known skin allergies such as Eczema, Psoriasis, or Rosacea, or if you are on any medications such as Retin-A, Differn, or Accutane. We should also be made aware of any health conditions such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Cancer, physical disabilities or any possibility of pregnancy. There are specific services which are not suitable for some medical conditions. When you arrive at the spa for services it is very important that you discuss any medical conditions or medications with your technician. Ex: We do not recommend certain Esthetic services for those who are taking, or have recently taken, medications that thin or exfoliate the skin. Ex: It is important that certain precautions are taken for clients with diabetes. Ex: If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy you may not receive pre-natal massage. You may not receive body treatments during pregnancy.

Is there a minimum age?
You must be at least 16 years old to receive a massage service or body treatment at Spa Sydell. Clients under the age of 18 must have the same sex parent in an adjoining room with two of the same sex technicians for this type of service, with the exception of Massage Stretch.

Clients must be at least 13 years old to receive Massage Stretch, Facial and waxing services.

It is necessary to have a signed consent form on file every time a client between the ages of 13-17 receives a service.

No one under the age of 12 is permitted in the Spa.

What about my comfort?
We want you to enjoy Spa Sydell and its amenities to the fullest. If the temperature, music level, or light are not to your liking, we’ll change them. If the amount of pressure in a massage is not perfect, tell your massage therapist. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell your therapist what you need. There are no bad questions, so if you are unsure how to use the steam room, what to wear for a service, where to wait for your technician, or where to go next, let us know as anyone on our staff would be happy to assist you. Feel free to ask for a manager at anytime. If at any time you are uncomfortable during a treatment, tell the technician, and then leave the room and speak with a manager and tell them how you were feeling. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to fill out a comment card as you leave the spa. They are located at the front desk.

How do I handle payment and gratuities?
We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash for services upon your checkin at the spa. As a guide 15% – 20% of the rendered service is suggested. Tip according to how much you enjoyed your experience and to what degree your expectations were met. Envelopes are available at the front desk for your convenience. Tips can only be left in the form of cash or personal check.

Cell phone usage:
To maintain ultimate relaxation and consideration of all Spa guests, we ask that all electronic devices are turned off and not used while in the Spa.

Do I need to talk to my technician during my service?
Absolutely not! You are here to relax. Your technician will not expect conversation during your service. Your technician will have an initial consultation at the beginning of your service to find out how to meet your needs and expectations and cover medical questions. He/she may also check in during your service once or twice to ensure you are comfortable or that the pressure is appropriate. Feel free to tell your technician up front you do not wish to talk and just want to be quiet.

Why will I have a consultation before my service begins?
This is the time for the technician to find out more about your needs and expectations for your experience at the spa. They will cover general medical questions to ensure we provide a safe service. This is the perfect time to let your technician know why you are here and what areas you would like addressed. You should also let your technician know if you have any concerns, body sensitivities, pain, or modesty concerns at this time. Be clear with your technician. If you are ever uncomfortable or have questions during your service, please make your technician aware. Everyone on our staff would like to meet your needs; we expect our clients to let us know if we can do better. If you are too cold, the pressure is too hard, or you just want to know what products are being used, or what other services you could benefit from, we are happy to help. Just let us know.

Why do your technicians recommend home care and other services?
We want you to get the most out of your spa experience. By taking your experience home and adding or changing a few home care regimens you will be able to prolong the benefits of your spa treatment and quickly reach your goals. We know you can’t always make it to the spa and we want you to be able to create the spa experience at home. He or she will recommend nothing you do not need or will not use.

Your technician may recommend or simply educate you on other services that will help you reach your stated goals.

Do I have to leave when my services are over?
Of course not! We would love for you to stay and relax for a while. Feel free to ask for a cup of hot tea and a place to relax. We would be happy to take you to a quiet space to relax for a bit longer. You are also welcome to use the steam room or showers.

Code of Conduct Endorsed by ISPA.

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Spa Guest
Although there are many spas around the world, each offering a unique experience, they are all devoted to enhancing overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. To enjoy your spa experience to the fullest, observe the Code of Conduct, act responsibly and be aware that common sense and personal awareness can help ensure your satisfaction, comfort and safety, as well as that of others.


  • Communicate your preferences, expectations and concerns
  • Communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for your visit
  • Treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect
  • Use products, equipment and therapies as directed
  • Adhere to the spa’s published policies and procedures


  • A clean, safe and comfortable environment
  • Stop a treatment at any time, for any reason
  • Be treated with consideration, dignity and respect
  • Confidential treatment of your disclosed health information
  • Trained staff who respectfully conduct treatments according to treatment protocols and the spa’s policies and procedures
  • Ask questions about your spa experience
  • Information regarding staff training, licensing and certification

Officially endorsed and prepared in partnership by:
International SPA Association and Resort Hotel Association.