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Cosmetic surgery is on the rise, and for good reason. Procedures like facelifts, brow lifts and neck lifts can dramatically change one’s appearance while maintaining a natural look. However, not every patient is ready for or interested in more invasive anti-aging treatments like a facelift. Rather than rejuvenating aged skin, young men and women have instead begun to turn their attention toward preventing signs of aging before they even start using prejuvenation treatments.

At Spa Sydell Integrative Aesthetics, our highly trained, professional technicians can help you stay ahead of the aging curve using advanced anti-aging treatments. Preventing wrinkles, age spots and sun damage is much easier and less invasive than trying to address them later on in life. With injectable neurotoxins, gentle HydraFacials and comprehensive skincare, our technicians can help you combat wrinkles before they even begin. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about prejuvenation.

Prevent Wrinkles with Botox and Xeomin

When it comes to keeping wrinkles at bay, few things are more effective than injectable neurotoxins like Botox and Xeomin. Rather than focusing on smoothing out static wrinkles, injectable neurotoxins, also called neuromodulators, take a more preemptive approach to anti-aging by preventing wrinkles from forming in the first place. Neurotoxin treatments target dynamic wrinkles, meaning wrinkles that are only present when you laugh, smile, frown or otherwise create normal facial expressions.

Every time you form facial expressions, your brain sends nerve impulses to the small facial muscles that are responsible for moving parts of your face like your eyebrows and forehead. Over time, repetitive motions like frowning, laughing and smiling, combined with the decreased elasticity and hydration of aging skin, can turn your dynamic wrinkles into ever-present fixtures on your face. Ideally, your skin will bounce back and your wrinkles will disappear whenever you relax your face. Unfortunately, aged skin loses its ability to smooth over in between facial expressions, allowing skin creases to deepen and worsen over time.

When injected in small and controlled amounts, botulinum toxin type A can block the nerve impulses responsible for creating skin creases, thereby preventing your muscles from contracting and forming wrinkles in the first place. As part of a pre-juvenation skincare plan, neurotoxins should be at the top of your list. At Spa Sydell Integrative Aethetics, we offer both Botox, the leading FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer, and Xeomin, a highly purified neurotoxin with no additives. Together, our trained technicians can use Botox and Xeomin treatments to eliminate frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and more.

The wrinkle-relaxing benefits of botox treatments last about three to four months on average, so plan on scheduling maintenance appointments every few months or so to maintain your youthful appearance. In fact, if you make sure to stay on top of your prejuvenation with regular neurotoxin appointments, you may even require them less and less over time. Patients who undergo neurotoxin treatments regularly have been shown to need less product and more infrequent treatment, making it in your favor to stay up-to-date with consistent Botox or Xeomin appointments.

Maintain Fresh and Radiant Skin with HydraFacials

HydraFacials are the perfect treatment for any patient who is passionate about keeping their skin radiant and healthy. This gentle, effective procedure combines the benefits of skin cleansing, exfoliation, acid peels, extraction and advanced hydration into one comprehensive treatment. Because HydraFacials are so gentle on the skin, patients of all skin types can enjoy their skin-rejuvenating effects. Patients with mild to moderate acne or sensitive skin make great candidates for HydraFacials, as well as patients with clear but dull skin that could use a bit of a pick-me-up.

A HydraFacial can target a wide variety of common skin concerns in just one treatment, including:

  • Mild to moderate acne
  • An uneven skin tone or texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Layers of dead skin and impurities
  • Clogged pores and oily skin
  • Sun damage and dark spots

Each HydraFacial procedure takes about 30 minutes and consists of multiple steps that work to create great skin from within. The treatment is painless and many patients even find it to be relaxing. With a series of four to six appointments and regular maintenance facials, HydraFacials can keep your skin looking and feeling youthful well into the future.

Keep Skin Protected with an Advanced Skincare Routine

Great skincare is the basis for good-looking skin. Dermatology experts agree that the regular use of some type of Retin A or Retinol product is essential for maintaining youthful skin. These effective products lead to an increased skin cell turnover rate, counteract pigmentation problems, thicken the skin and create a more hydrated complexion. Regular use of sun protection with an SPF should also be a part of your daily regime to keep harmful ultraviolet rays from breaking down your skin. Applying antioxidants like Vitamin C on a regular basis to protect the skin from free radicals and prevent clogged pores will also make a marked improvement in how well your skin ages.

At Spa Sydell Integrative Aesthetics, we recommend that most of our patients follow an advanced skincare routine that utilizes Nutra C Recovery Cream in the morning and Retinol Complete in the evenings. Together, these two products can increase collagen and elastin production, provide all-day skin protection, boost hydration and prevent premature signs of aging. Our highly trained technicians can help you determine which products are best for your skin type and your desired results following an in-person evaluation.

Start Your Prejuvenation at Spa Sydell Integrative Aesthetics

With so many younger patients beginning to take their skincare more seriously in an effort to hold signs of aging at bay, prejuvenation has become a trend that is here to stay. Preventative maintenance prolongs the need for more aggressive anti-aging treatments like facelifts or harsh chemical peels, allowing you to maintain your youthful skin without resorting to cosmetic surgery before you feel ready. Quick, no downtime procedures like Botox and Xeomin treatments and HydraFacials, combined with an advanced skincare routine, are key components for maintaining a youthful, natural appearance for years to come.

Stay ahead of the curve with prejuvenation. Call Spay Sydell Integrative Aesthetics today at 404-255-7727 to schedule a skincare evaluation with one of our trained technicians and learn how we can prepare you for a lifetime of great skin.

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