triLift™ Non-Surgical Facelift in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Buckhead

triLift is a non-surgical treatment that activates and tones the muscles along the jawline, cheekbones, nasal folds, and lower eyelids to address aging skin concerns. The treatment also tightens and smooths the skin while naturally increasing volume for a lifted youthful look.

The treatment is only 20–30 minutes with no downtime or pain. The effects are immediately visible and long-lasting when following the treatment recommendations.

Spa Sydell offers complimentary consultations in Alpharetta, Perimeter, and Buckhead, Georgia, for a natural, non-surgical solution to achieve a lifted look.

Is triLift Right For Me?

triLift is ideal for patients that want a natural, non-surgical solution for facial skin with mild to moderate wrinkles and reduced volume and definition. triLift achieves this by activating your facial muscles, regenerating collagen and elastin, and stimulating the natural production of hyaluronic acid.

How Does triLift Work?

triLift is the first aesthetic treatment that tones facial muscles with Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt) and is combined with radio frequency (RF) technologies to improve skin. The unique three-element approach addresses facial muscles, skin, and volume together to achieve a facelift-like effect.

  • Dynamic Muscle Stimulation tones facial muscles with pain-free electrical stimulation. Activating and toning the facial muscles results in a noticeably defined, lifted appearance.
  • TriPollar® RF thickens and strengthens skin and regenerates collagen and elastin to address facial wrinkles with clinically proven long-lasting results.
  • RFMN volumizes and smooths the skin with RF-assisted Microneedling. The treatment causes three times more natural production of hyaluronic acid for smoother skin texture, tightening, and increased natural volume compared to baseline levels in a laboratory study.*

What Does triLift Do?

triLift uses electrical stimulation to activate facial muscles. Activating the facial muscles along the cheekbones, jawline, lower eyelids, or nasal folds achieves a toned look without pain or downtime. triLift combines Dynamic Muscle Stimulation with radio frequency technologies that smooth and volumize skin for a non-surgical, naturally lifted effect.

How Much Time Will I Need to Recover From a triLift Treatment?

No downtime is needed. You can safely resume your daily activities right after your triLift treatment.

When Will I See the Results?

The effects are visible after 20 to 30 minutes and continue to improve with each treatment.

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Spa Sydell offers complimentary consultations in Alpharetta, Perimeter, and Buckhead.

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