All About Viva™ Fractional RF Treatment

Viva Fractional RF Treatment Living with your skin blemishes is no longer a necessity. Thanks in large part to the advancement of cosmetic products and procedures, people now have different ways to combat the signs of aging. Among the newer options available today is known as Viva™ Fractional RF Treatment. Here is what you should know about this treatment option.

What Are the Benefits of Viva Fractional RF Treatment

Viva Fractional RF Treatment is an effective treatment for removing skin blemishes and creating smoother and healthy-looking skin. Whether you are dealing with wrinkles, sun spots, acne scars, or stretch marks, you can count on this treatment to eliminate them. It can even address any pigmentation or texture issues visible on your skin.

Individuals sometimes compare Viva Fractional RF Treatment and laser skin resurfacing. Aside from the results of the treatment, one of the most noticeable differences is the comfort of the treatment itself. Viva Fractional RF Treatment causes minimal discomfort, whereas laser skin resurfacing may be considered painful for some. The minimal downtime required for Viva Fractional RF Treatment is another notable benefit. You won’t have to clear out your schedule just to complete this treatment.

How Does Viva Fractional RF Treatment Deliver Results?

Viva Fractional RF Treatment uses a combination of SmartScan™ technology and NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) to resurface the skin. This treatment relies on your body’s natural healing responses to promote positive results. The devices used to administer this treatment are designed to stimulate your skin using heat and small pins. The heat and small pins work together and cause your body to produce more of the substances that facilitate natural healing.

Inducing the healing response is critical to eliminating your blemishes. On top of that, the substances produced by your body also change your skin’s texture. The plump and elastic skin you had before will return following your treatment session.

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