feelings of overwhelming stress

Feelings of stress are normal. However, constant and overwhelming stress can cause a range of additional health concerns.

Our stress management peptide therapies offer added mind + body benefits. To determine the best therapy for you, please schedule a Wellness Consultation by calling 404.255.7727 or you can click here to schedule online.


Description: NAD+ is a peptide that promotes mitochondrial function. This aids in the aging process and supports brain function, which improves focus and mental clarity.

Benefits: may increase energy, regulate metabolism, regulate circadian rhythm, support cognitive function, support DNA repair, provide anti-aging benefits, reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue, support testosterone therapy

How: NAD+ transports electrons to various cells as needed. It works in mitochondria to help generate new cells, maintain cell functioning, and repair DNA responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Also good for: brain fog + focus, performance, anti-aging, immune support


Description: Peptide that binds to the TREK-1 channel and blocks its activity, producing mood enhancing effects.

Benefits: May treat/manage major depressive disorder, boost mood, increase in energy, increase memory, improves brain function, increases motivation, improves ability to handle stress, may increase serotonin levels, improves sleep

Also good for: brain fog + focus, recovery + immune support

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