Brain Fog + Focus

brain fog and focus

There's only so much coffee you can drink in a day!

Brain fog and lack of focus are detrimental to productivity and even to overall quality of life. There are so many variables that can factor into our energy levels, many of which are out of our control. We offer several peptide therapy options to address these concerns safely and effectively. Many of these peptides offer additional mind + body benefits. To determine which is best for you, call 404.255.7727 or click here to schedule your Wellness Consultation.


Description: Peptide that promotes mitochondrial function which aids in the aging process + supports brain function which improves focus and mental clarity, including reducing brain fog.

Benefits: may increase energy, regulate metabolism, regulate circadian rhythm, support cognitive function, support DNA repair, provide anti-aging benefits, reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue, support testosterone therapy

How: NAD+ transports electrons to various cells as needed. It works in mitochondria to help generate new cells, maintain cell functioning, and repair DNA responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Also good for: performance, stress, anti-aging, recovery + immune support


Description: Peptide that binds to the TREK-1 channel and blocks its activity, producing mood enhancing effects.

Benefits: May treat/manage major depressive disorder, boost mood, increase in energy, increase memory, improves brain function, increases motivation, improves ability to handle stress, may increase serotonin levels, improves sleep

Also good for: stress, recovery + immune support


Lipotropic injection

Description: Used to breakdown and metabolize fat in the body.

Benefits: Boosts fat burning, weight loss, increase energy

How: contain 3 specific nutrients that play role in the breakdown and metabolism of fat in the body

Also good for: weight loss

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