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We must learn to prioritize healthy, consistent sleep whenever possible. This means maintaining a sleep schedule, getting restful sleep, and minimizing sleep interruptions. Some of these can be improved with lifestyle changes and some are out of our control - that's where we can assist with sleep enhancing peptide therapy!


Description: Peptide that binds to the TREK-1 channel and blocks its activity, producing mood enhancing effects.

Benefits: May treat/manage major depressive disorder, boost mood, increase in energy, increase memory, improves brain function, increases motivation, improves ability to handle stress, may increase serotonin levels, improves sleep

Also good for: stress, brain fog + focus, recovery + immune support


Description: Helps to stimulate growth hormone secretion which decreases visceral fat - specifically in the abdomen.

Benefits: May increase cognitive function, decrease visceral fat, weight loss, increase concentration, improve creativity, positively affects metabolism

Also good for: weight loss, recovery + immune support, performance


Description: Like Tesamoreline, Semoraline works to stimulate growth hormone secretion with a focus on building muscle mass.

Benefits: May improve energy, increase in muscle mass, improved athletic performance, improved fat burning, improved sleep quality, improved skin quality, improved collagen density, improved libido, cognitive promotion

How: binds to growth hormone releasing hormone receptors in the pituitary which leads to the stimulation of growth hormone secretion. Human growth hormone decreases as we age.

Also good for: performance, weight loss, anti-aging

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