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Add performance peptide therapy to complement and enhance your workout regimen. You will feel an increase in energy AND see quicker and more noticeable results.

We offer several performance enhancing peptides to meet the various needs of our patients. Certain peptides have additional benefits for those who want to address more than one concern.

The peptide that is best for you will be determined during your Wellness Consultation by a trained medical professional.


Description: Peptide that promotes mitochondrial function which aids in the aging process + supports brain function which improves focus and mental clarity.

Benefits: may increase energy, regulate metabolism, regulate circadian rhythm, support cognitive function, support DNA repair, provide anti-aging benefits, reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue, support testosterone therapy

How: NAD+ transports electrons to various cells as needed. It works in mitochondria to help generate new cells, maintain cell functioning, and repair DNA responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Also good for: brain fog + focus, stress, anti-aging, immune support


Description: Helps to stimulate growth hormone secretion which decreases visceral fat - specifically in the abdomen.

Benefits: May increase cognitive function, decrease visceral fat, weight loss, increase concentration, improve creativity, positively affects metabolism

Also good for: weight loss, recovery + immune support, sleep


Description: Like Tesamoreline, Semoraline works to stimulate growth hormone secretion with a focus on building muscle mass.

Benefits: May improve energy, increase in muscle mass, improved athletic performance, improved fat burning, improved sleep quality, improved skin quality, improved collagen density, improved libido, cognitive promotion

How: binds to growth hormone releasing hormone receptors in the pituitary which leads to the stimulation of growth hormone secretion. Human growth hormone decreases as we age.

Also good for: performance, weight loss, sleep, anti-aging


Description: B12 can be administered weekly or as needed to increase energy levels. It’s a beneficial add-on to other peptide therapies or as a stand-alone treatment.

Benefits: May increase energy, combat fatigue, correct low B12 levels by bypassing stomach and allowing for easier absorption

Also good for: brain fog + focus, recovery + immune support

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