Facelift vs. Ultherapy®: Results and Benefits

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Ultherapy® is redefining how people tone their skin. When exploring skin tightening options for the face, many think that they are limited to surgical procedures. Although there are many non-surgical treatments out there, many do not deliver the level of lift and restoration that patients are looking for. What’s more, they tend to have short-term results that may reduce their total return on investment.

Enter Ultherapy, the revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment for tightening and toning skin on the face and neck that does not require a single incision or stitch.

At Spa Sydell Integrative Aesthetics, guests can rejuvenate their faces and restore a youthful glow with clinically proven, scientifically supported therapy.

How Does Ultherapy Compare to a Facelift?

Both a facelift and Ultherapy can deliver great results, but Ultherapy is a completely non-invasive procedure. Facelifts can be more beneficial for those who have excessive skin laxity, pronounced wrinkles, and skin that they would like to trim.

Ultherapy can be best for those with mild to moderate wrinkling and looser skin that would like to boost collagen production and enhance the natural lift of their face.

The results of Ultherapy are not as intense as a facelift, so it is not a complete alternative to the procedure. Rather, Ultherapy is a great non-invasive option for those who do not currently qualify for a facelift or those who would prefer to take a more preventative approach to their skin rejuvenation.

Ultherapy Benefits

There are numerous benefits to choosing Ultherapy as your skin restoration treatment of choice. Below are several of the top reasons why guests of Spa Sydell love this therapy:

Only one treatment is required to deliver complete results.
No surgical preparation or downtime is necessary.
It can help extend the effects of other cosmetic enhancements.
Results continue to unfold for 2-3 months after your treatment.
It is much more affordable than a facelift.
Ultherapy can treat the skin on the chest, neck, chin, and around the brows to deliver a collagen-boosting lift. Thanks to laser technology, ultrasonic waves stimulate cells from a deeper level than other non-surgical procedures.

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